Boat Valeting

Whatever your boat valet requirements we can help. Whether you are preparing for the season ahead, readying the boat for winter, or perhaps you are planning to sell your boat, choose from a menu of options, ensuring you get exactly the services you want, all undertaken for a reasonable price by our experienced team.

Alongside basic hull jet wash, and deck clean downs, we can undertake a full deep clean of your interior, including domestic appliances, carpets and upholstery. We also offer fabric and canopy washes, teak cleaning and hull machine polishing.

Spend less time cleaning your boat and more time enjoying it on the water!


Regular maintenance of your boat’s hull is far more cost-effective than a cure.

Accumulations of fouling on the hull can quickly grow into larger masses causing a lot of resistance and severely hampering your vessel’s performance as well as increasing your fuel consumption.

While your boat is out of the water, we will check for signs of osmosis, anode replacement.


 Why Antifoul your Boat?


The reason for Antifouling your boat is to protect your hull from marine growth, you do this by applying a protective layer of paint to the surface you would normally do this in the winter months.

If your boat in moored in seawater marine particles can build up on the hull. This growth of marine algae can have a major impact on your boats performance and its fuel efficiency.

If you have not had your boat antifouled and you have a big build up if algae you could see slow you motor boat down by 5 knots and increase fuel consumption by over 30%.